I went to the Tate Modern on Friday night to see a temporary exhibition called, ‘Exposed : Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera’.  After being inspired by voyeuristic photographs, I went outside and took some photos of passers by.  It felt naughty to pry into the lives of others but I love the results!  Some words about the exhibition in the rest of the post.




The Tate’s website describes the exhibition as:

“A fascinating look at pictures made on the sly, without the explicit permission of the people depicted. With photographs from the late nineteenth century to present day, the pictures present a shocking, illuminating and witty perspective on iconic and taboo subjects.”

The photographs are categorised into themes including Celebrity and the Public Gaze (paparazzi shots including the famous Weegee photo of Marilyn Monroe), Voyeurism and Desire (sexual images of which some were taken through the window of a brothel and others by a stripper during her show) and Witnessing Violence (photographs of war, suicides and hangings).  A lot of the photos were hard to look at and I think have the potential to engrain themselves in our minds! 

The series of photographs taken by Japanese photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki untitled ‘The Park’ will definitely be something that I will think about for some time to come!  The photographer used a camera with an infrared flash to capture couples having sex in a park at night whilst surrounded by a group of men who were attempted to touch them without going noticed.  The photos made me feel icky – like that by looking at the images I was somehow giving my consent to the onlookers.

My favourite instalment was a slideshow of personal photographs by Nan Goldin that she had taken of her friends over 30 years of her life.   Most of them seemed to be taken in the 70s and I was interested in the 70s fashions and design as I was in the people.  Every photo made me wonder who the person was and what they were feeling and what their relationship with the photographer was. But then the next photo flicked onto the screen.

Until 3rd October

Tate Modern
Bankside, SE1 9TG
Nearest tube: Southwark, London Bridge

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