Fitbox Bootcamp: Day 4

Last week I wrote a post about Fitbox Bootcamp which compared the workout to an old P.E. lesson.  Well, I take it back!  I definitely do not remember a P.E. lesson which left my legs wobbly with weakness and abs sore for two days!  Maybe the instructors, Shaun and Curtis, used familiar exercises in the first bootcamp to ease us into regular workouts or maybe they were having an uninspired day! 

Whatever the reason, it seems those days are gone!  It was Day 4 of 12 today and we completed 3 hardcore circuits, each punctuated with 2 laps around the track (that’s a total of 6 laps and 2.4km!)  The circuits included press ups, speed skipping, moving planks and star jumps.  We also managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of box sparing (nothing like punching someone you’ve never met to make new friends) before a quick stretch.  Phew!  I spent the whole 45 minutes thinking about a GymBox advert I saw in Bank earlier this week: “Sweat – God’s way of telling you you’re getting more beautiful”.  Although I’m offended by that for umpteen different reasons, it’s blooming effective advertising!

At the end of the class, three men in official looking high visibility vests came across to inform us that we weren’t allowed to workout in the park without getting permission from the local gym first.  If that’s true then I think it’s a real shame – surely health and fitness should take priority over any council profit margins!  As we were leaving Shaun ominously urged us to keep an eye on our email in case there was a change of location for Thursday’s bootcamp :S

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