Recent Eats: Vegan Grub

I’ve been trying to cook meals from scratch recently and use fresh, natural ingredients.  This plight has been helped enormously by my discovery of Whole Foods, a grocer which specialises in organic food (no doubt the rest of you have been shopping there for years).  Here are some photographs of:

  • Papaya and Spinach Green Smoothie
  • Baked Sweet Potato with Hummus, Spring Onion and Rocket
  • No Cheese, Wholegrain Veggie Pizza
  • Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya (recipe from Veganomicon)

I first gobbled up the sweet potato combination at a quirky vegetarian cafe in Manchester called Oklahoma.  I miss that place and this is a yummy way to conjure up nostalgia!

I had to google ‘Seitan’ to find out what it was (I probably should have done that before I devoured it).  Apparently, it is the protein part of wheat and is thus often called “wheat meat” as well as mock duck and gluten meat.  It was more interesting and easier to cook than tofu, in my humble opinion, and I’ll be cooking with it again soon!


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