SweetCheeks: Gluten-Free, Vegan Cupcakes

I spent a lovely day in Brick Lane’s Up Market today which was made even lovelier by the discovery of SweetCheeks selling gluten-free and vegan cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods.  I got to talk to Catherine (as pretty as her cupcake creations) who told me that she started the business because she was fed up of not being able to find any cupcakes that she could eat.  And now the cupcakes are available to the masses thanks to SweetCheek’s promise to deliver anywhere within the M25. 

The cupcake that I ate was delicious.  The sponge was a light, plump pillow.  It wasn’t overly sweet which made it a great place for the swirly mass of flavoursome frosting to lay its head!  Not only did Catherine sell me the only vegan raspberry and white chocolate cupcake that I’ve ever devoured (photos below), she also gave me some great tips for making my own frosting stiff enough to pipe.  What a sweetie!

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4 Responses to SweetCheeks: Gluten-Free, Vegan Cupcakes

  1. Thanks so much Victoria! Was great to meet you and really happy you enjoyed the cake! Look forward to seeing you again soon! (If there are any flavours you want to try etc, let us know on Facebook and we’ll bring them along to market ) xx

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  3. It’s so great to see more Gluten Free products around and especially not dull ones. I have been a coeliac all my life and love to see yummy new products that i can eat. These are on my MUST list!

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