Interior Design Inspiration from Benefit

I found an unexpected source of interior design inspiration in Spitalfields Market at the weekend. 

You probably know that Benefit launched a fragrance collection called Crescent Row last summer.  The collection was based on three women living on the fictional street (based on the luxurious street in Bath).  This summer, Benefit introduced three more fragrances based on three new women.  The shop’s window display let me peep inside the perfect little Crescent Row homes and imagine the lives of the women that would live there. 

Carmella is a seductive glamour puss – check out her zebra hide rug, lipsticked bust and vintage silver hand mirror!  I’m expecting her to come through from the shower wrapped in a silk kimono and start a ritual of primping, coiffing and manicuring.  Her beloved would prop himself up on the cushion and pretend to read the newspaper whilst secretly observing her over the rim of his glasses.

Rita is an eclectic fashion shopaholic!  I love that there are still shopping bags scattered around her walk-in wardrobe – as if she has enough time to fold, hang and organise before meeting her girlfriends for dinner to swap flea-market-find stories!

Eva is a quietly content nurturer.  I imagine that she’s just been picking those apples from her orchard and is now preparing some iced tea to enjoy in the sunshine with a good book and her cat.  She probably hand embroidered the cushion on her garden chair at the local sewing club.  

I think I’m most like Rita, with middle notes of Eva and bottom notes of Carmella!  I’ll try to aim for a flat which lets me be all three!

P.S. I’m uber jealous of the lucky person whose job it is to style mini-houses!

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