How to get the Happy Habit

My friend saved a copy of the Evening Standard for me on Wednesday because it had “an article that I would like”.  I’m worried that my friend thinks I’m a soul searching hippie type!  The article in question is titled ‘How to get the happy habit’, based on a book called ‘The Mindful Manifesto’.  It ponders over why many of us put so much focus on maintaining our physical health but fail to do the same for our mental health.  In the same way that our diet should include 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, the article suggests that there are 5 things we should be doing for our wellbeing: I absolutely buy in to the fact that we should invest effort into our own happiness (hence the blog!) and I think you have to be a very lucky individual indeed if you can be happy by accident.  I’m also a fan of the simple list and think I’ve pretty much got the bases covered in my own with the exception, perhaps, of learning.  So I’m doing a bit of a re-write to include a new item: ‘[Learn] Get creative with a new skill’.  I’m imagining days of cup cake frosting, paper cutting, ditty writing and film making!

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  1. Vanya says:

    I absolutely agree with you, I think many people put on brave faces going through life thinking they are alone in being unhappy. We must all work on our mental well being and share it with each other. Thanks for the post.x

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