Sun Studio: Homemade Accessories at Brick Lane

There was a reason for my visit to Brick Lane’s Up Market last weekend: I was on the hunt for homemade goodies!  My plight to buy things directly from the person that made them is an attempt to support local craftsmen/women and build a wardrobe and home which is unique to me.  I was doing a bit of research for this post about why other people buy homemade and found this website.  At the time of writing, 52,824 people had pledged to buy homemade!  And lo, pledge number 52,818 was written by a vendor at Brick Lane! 

Sun Studio creates a plethora of cute and interesting accessories made out of knotted, coloured string, including shoe clips, headbands, rings for every day of the week and brooches.  The colours are soft, feminine pastels (coral, turquoise and lilac) against metallic gold and silver.  I was particularly looking for a long necklace with a heavy pendant so fell for the blossom ball in coral… and then needed a ring to match!  I’m looking forward to wearing them with layered knits in the autumn and beyond!

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6 Responses to Sun Studio: Homemade Accessories at Brick Lane

  1. Anna says:

    Adorable! As is the other stuff on her website. MUST visit her stall at the market next time I’m in London.

  2. Anna says:

    Tell me about withdrawal symptoms…I’m a Londoner at heart, but somehow got stuck in a provincial backwater of Germany ;-) So if you get to go to Brick Lane anytime soon, please share :-)

  3. Anna says:

    I haven’t forgotten about this – finally had a chance to visit Brick Lane the other weekend and treated myself to a lovely necklace from Sun (silver chain with two tiny black blossom balls): I love it!

  4. Sarri says:

    Can I say our lists for happiness and sept are prtety much identical?! Love white collar! Which I just realized I missed last night’s episode, dang it! In a week we are making our way to the north which means cooler weather! So excited :-)

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