Cafe Seventy Nine: Veggie Breakfast in Primrose Hill

Talking about cake stands assembled out of vintage tableware (as I was, here) reminded me about a pair of clever teacup chandeliers I spotted in Café Seventy Nine in Primrose Hill.  A little bit of light internet research tells me that they were designed and made by Madeleine Boulesteix who, according to her profile, loves to “liberate [kitchen utensils] from their domestic duties by incorporating them in [her] chandeliers”

After giving myself a crick in the neck by gawping at the light fittings, I settled down with my old man (that’s my dad) for brunch.  We were having a break from an intense DIY project so needed stodge and caffeine, urges which were satisfied by cheese on toast, a veggie breakfast, English breakfast tea and a soya latte (it’s a veggie café, by the way).     

As with many places in Primrose Hill, it attracts canines and toddlers-a-plenty which are part of the appeal to me but bemusing to my dad.  He commented on how the real parts of the society are undoubtedly present but hidden behind a screen of lifestyle perfection (his sentiment/my words).  If this is the case, then I think Café Seventy Nine does a good job of maintaining the screen with gratifying food, good coffee and pretty décor.  I left happier than I arrived!

Cafe Seventy Nine
79 Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill, NW1 8UY
Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm

NB. the boys at ‘The London Review of Breakfasts’ do not entirely agree with my verdict..!

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