Little White Dog: Custom made sculptures from repurposed & recycled paper

As you may recall from one of my previous posts, I’m (slowly) in the process of giving my front door a bit of a facelift.  I want it to act as a comforting welcome and also hint at the style of my flat.  I don’t like to be predictable so I objected to the simple number 5 on my door and decided a Roman numeral ‘V’ would be more fun, particularly as that’s also my initial.  And so began my quest to find a V.  Graham and Green do good sized, gilded letters but I didn’t want a metallic finish.  I found some beautiful, fabric letters in Anthropology but I didn’t like the specific fabric covering the V. 

Beginning to feel a little bit like Goldilocks, I was thrilled when I found an Etsy shop: Little White Dog.  All the creations are handmade in Dublin by the lovely Suzie.  After making sure that her letters would be right for my home, she sent me a photo of some of the floral papers she had found recently.  I couldn’t pick my favourite so ended up commissioning two Vs (I’ll find a place for the other one!)  They arrived a few days later in cute brown paper packaging, sealed with New York Subway tape with a ‘HELLO’ business card and a personalised note.  I’m really enjoying the list item, ‘Buy something directly from the person who made it’; Etsy is going to become slightly addictive to me…

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