Jewellery by Vanya: Sweet, feminine trinkets at Brick Lane

I must have had a really good time at Brick Lane market a couple of weekends ago because I’m still blogging about it now.  I spied Jewellery by Vanya almost immediately; I was quickly seduced by the girly stall (note florals, cross stitch hoops and cake stands).  And I’m pleased to report that Vanya has the goods to convert the initial attraction into a love affair!  I pawed at the sweet pendants one-by-one, shuffling along from left to right and then back again.  Vanya herself sat smiling behind the stall with pliars and tiny charms, assembling pieces as I stood watching.  She tells me that she collects the trinkets from around the world and then groups them together to make unique jewellery.  I set my sights on a pretty postcard charm inscribed with the words, “I love you” hung on a long, silver chain and Vanya packaged it up for me in a floral bag tied with a ribbon.  Opening the packaging later felt like Christmas and, despite picking the necklace myself, I let out a squeal when I laid eyes on it again. 

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2 Responses to Jewellery by Vanya: Sweet, feminine trinkets at Brick Lane

  1. Vanya says:

    Thanks so much for the feature Victoria. You’re very kind! xx

  2. Victoria says:

    You’re so welcome ;) I’ll be coming to Brick Lane again towards the end of October and no doubt will be across to see what new bits you have made. xx

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