Fitbox Bootcamp: The Finale!

So where did we leave off? Ah yes, I was telling you about the official men who threatened to prosecute the Fitbox Bootcamp instructors with trespassing! We agreed to move the bootcamp to St Augustine’s church green which isn’t quite as pretty or spacious as Paddington Recreation Grounds. Still, it suited me being closer to my bus stop and full of birds and squirrels (I could pretend I was Snow White between pummelling my fists into the sparring pads). As we entered the final week, the workouts really stepped up; I can’t remember being as exhausted as the day we alternated shuttle sprints with resistance exercise reps (push ups, squats, planks and lunges).

For those of you interested in the results, I can honestly say that I’m fitter and happier after a month of bootcamp. I really enjoyed getting an hour of autumn fresh air before cramping into the office and having a giggle with the girls before meeting with serious city folk. The word at camp is that Fitbox are on the hunt for an indoor space for the winter months. If that’s the case then you can sign me up again!

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  1. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for your comments on our boot camp, It’s always great to hear feedback and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it and felt happier and fitter by the end.

    You are exactly right the first day is designed to introduce very simple movements and familiar exercises to the group so that people aren’t overwhelmed with a whole bunch of new exercises – it also gives our trainers the chance to assess the general level of fitness in the group.

    Also to comment on the characters in the high vis jackets, this was apparently the work of a nearby gym in partnership with the council, their message was designed to cement their monopoly of the public park – needless to say we did not find this very polite.

    nevertheless we took their concern as a compliment and have now found a happy home 2 minutes away over in Lanark road, its an indoor venue so no squirrels and birds I’m afraid, but it keeps everyone dry!

    All the very best,

    Scott Laidler

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