Decorexi: Interior Glitz Overload in Angel

Last week I spontaneously decided to walk along the Regents Canal towpath from Camden to Bow (FYI – that’s about 7 miles!)  Around Angel, I was forced to detour as the canal disappeared into a tunnel and the towpath ended.  Whilst trying to find the next entry point, I discovered a glitzy glam interior shop called Decorexi.  It’s hard not to miss all of the sparkle sparkle!  I was a bowled over by the split personalities of their wares: Baroque-style framed mirrors, crystal chandeliers, mirrored and gilded furniture, union jacks and British bulldogs, and toile vintage mannequins.  All the mirrors magnify the crazy – a single silver gilt deer head is eye catching enough but when it’s echoed around the shop 30 times it’s like drinking a triple espresso!

I wimped out of buying any bling (I also doubted my ability to trek the 4 remaining miles to the East End with a French armoire strapped to my back).  Instead, I opted for a sweet, hanging picture of two French swallows in love (£2!)  I’ve hung it in my kitchen to make me smile while my tea is brewing.

104 Islington High Street
Camden Passage
Nearest tube: Angel

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