It is Christmas at Liberty!

I popped into Liberty at the weekend for some kitchenware window shopping and found something potentially better than kitchenware (if there is such a thing!)  Liberty have opened their Christmas Shop… in September!  I have always sighed and rolled my eyes at this time of year when the Christmas puddings crept onto supermarket shelves and carols started playing in shopping centres.  That has seemingly all changed this year; I surprised myself at how super excited and happy the sight of all the glitter and sparkle and colour and feathers made me!  I had to call on all of my willpower and sensibility to prevent myself form buying an early bauble!

I’m planning a return trip in November to buy some of the London ornaments and the Liberty advent calendar.  And surely the cats should have a Christmas stocking…

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4 Responses to It is Christmas at Liberty!

  1. AnnabelVita says:

    I love that massive donkey thing, but I hate to think how much it must cost!

  2. Jade says:

    Ah! Just what I needed, another excuse to go to Liberty :D

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