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In the spirit of learning new skills, I went to a workshop last night about creating a better blog.  The session was organised and hosted by Cate Sevilla (AKA CupCate, editor of Bitch Buzz) and featured guest mentor Natalie Lue (owner of blogs Baggage Reclaim, Bambino Goodies and Nest Goodies).  After 15 minutes of introducing ourselves, sipping champagne and gobbling up Bakewell tarts, Cate and Natalie guided us through some super tips for creating stellar content and avoiding ‘the dark side of blogging’!  It was so good for me to meet other people who blog, and blog passionately.  It has made all this feel more real and worthwhile. 

I’m applying a few of the lessons to Skinny Latte:

Have Focus
Skinny Latte has the potential to be a little chaotic, given the variety on the list.  I hope that the overarching theme of London is enough focus to let you know what to expect from me.  I’ll aim to concentrate on things that make this city unique: independent boutiques, iconic buildings and inviting bites.  On this topic, I’m thinking of a mini re-branding exercise and moving away from the pursuit of happiness. 

Be Savvy – Understand the Analytics
The most popular posts on Skinny Latte so far, based on number of views, are:

From that, I gather that people are reading my reviews (found by searching for things like, “homeware Notting Hill” and “vegan cupcakes London”) but also enjoying personal titbits about me.  I’ll try to get the balance right and aim to be somewhere in the middle of review-heavy aloofness and oversharing!

Keep Reading
Since I started Skinny Latte, I’ve been reading similar blogs.  Cate suggested that we try to keep a broad reading list because there is inspiration in unlikely places.  She showed us a beautiful photo of some homemade jam in pretty jars and said that if food bloggers can make jars look appealing then tech bloggers can do the same for hard drives! 

Image pinched from Oh My Blog.

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3 Responses to Oh My Blog!

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have only started blogging recently so I try to let myself play around a bit with the medium, but of course I’ve also been wondering how get people not only to click once, but to keep reading my ramblings & recipes.

    Well, anyway, I keep coming back here because I love the vibe of your blog. Personally I think you have a good broad focus and I like the bit of creative chaos here, browsing your site is a bit like opening a box with lots and lots of beautiful colourful little things inside. But it seems youre ready for a bit of a change?! Just please, please dont move away from the pursuit of happiness, what else is there in life worth pursuing??! :-)

  2. Anna says:

    Ups, just realized this is an old post. Shame on me! But I’m curious: Did you end up doing any changes to your blog after all?

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Anna – After the workshop, I started to post more about London and less about paint colours. I like the new focus I have, actually. I can still post about interior design (which is a passion of mine) but now I post about places in London that have inspired me or shops that sell homeware that I love. The theme is getting me out and about in a wonderful city so it can’t be a bad choice! x

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