Tibits: A Star-Studded Veggie Buffet!

A few weeks back now, my friend Bee and I were on the hunt for a veggie café for a low key catch-up lunch.  We found the trendy and yummy Tibits on a quiet, pedestrianised side street lined with trees and shrubs near Piccadilly Circus.  Being a help-yourself buffet, the vibe is casual but the décor is grand so lunch felt like more of an occasion and less of a refuel.  You pay by weight which does provide some opportunity for embarrassment – I always seem to gravitate towards the high density foods, opting for fudge at a pick&mix and the like.  Tibits was no exception and as Bee sat down with a feminine £6 plate of healthy salads with complimenting flavours, I ended up with a £12 eclectic platter of falafel, rice, roast potatoes and jalapeno cheese bites!  The selection of food is fantastic and I see on their website that the menu was devised with input from Rolf & Marielle Hiltl who own Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant (founded in Zurich in 1898!)  The drinks menu is also extensive – we had green tea and chai lattes but they do have a small but classic cocktail menu (£7 each).  The restaurant is apparently a good place for celebrity spotting; Tibits’ own website has a ‘Spotted’ section and name drops Clive Swift (Richard from Keeping Up Appearances), Russell Grant (of astronomer fame) and Tracey Cox (“sex-pert”)! 

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