Pilates HQ: Reformer Pilates in Angel

Now that autumn is here and the mornings are darker, I’m less inclined to get out of bed at 5:45 to go to Fitbox Bootcamp.  I’ve been looking for other fitness activities around the capital to try out and am relying on the daily deals offers to recommend something interesting.  A couple of weeks ago, a great Pilates HQ offer popped into my inbox (courtesy of Groupon) and I signed up. 

Pilates HQ is in a great location, directly opposite Angel tube station on the top floor of a four storey building.   When I arrived for a beginner’s class yesterday, I was greeted by Tas, the trim and beautiful owner/manager who offered to show me around.  The studio is bright white and modern with floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides and access to a small roof terrace.  The terrace would make a great place to wait for a class if it was accessible from the reception rather than the studio; I don’t know whether it will actually ever be used which is a shame because the views of Angel would be perfect for people watching.

There are nine reformers in the studio so the classes will always be intimate but only five ladies attended the class which meant we all got some good 1-on1 time with Katie who patiently corrected postures and suggested alternatives when people had injuries or an aversion to particular exercises. 

In case you haven’t used a reformer (I hadn’t), the machine is basically a platform with a carriage which moves back and forth on rollers.  The carriage is attached at one end with springs which can be attached in various combinations to control the resistance levels.  Most of the exercises were done lying on the carriage with feet either on a bar in front of you or slipped into loops overhead.  I am positive that numerous people will have made the comparison between the loops and birthing stirrups!  That thought is a little off putting and it did take me a while to feel relaxed while adopting the position in public.  However, I do think that the reformer made it easier to keep a good posture and to work muscles that probably don’t often get worked in other types of exercise, such as the inner thighs and back.  It was also fantastic for stretching.

By the end of the class my body was well-worked and stretched.  I felt floaty and light as I emerged onto Upper Street and browsed some shop windows.  The feeling lasted for about an hour, right up until I ordered a full veggie breakfast with two rounds of toast…

Pilates HQ
17 Islington High Street, N1 9LQ

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  1. Come and do salsa at Pineapple Studios (Monday/Friday eve) – it’s absolutely hilarious, but so much fun! You can’t help but step out cheerfully into the winter air after being swirled around the floor for 2 hours solid….

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