The Reject Pot Shop: Discounted Tableware and Life Lessons in Chalk Farm

After sending out some invites for a tea party that I’m hosting in a couple of weeks, I realised that none of my tableware matches.  And not in a cute, thrifty way.  At the very least, I needed some plain white porcelain plates so headed out to The Reject Pot Shop in Chalk Farm to pick up a bargain.  The shop stocks stacks of china seconds which are slightly misshapen or irregular (apparently) for less than a couple of pounds per piece.  Most of the tableware is plain white and therefore easy to match.  The shop also houses a small but well stocked cookware section.  There is nothing fancy here – don’t expect to find designer or witty objects.  Do expect to find a tool for every cooking task: sea food crackers, egg timers, lemon zesters, garlic pressers, can strainers, mango stoners, onion savers, cheese graters, butter melters, pastry blenders… the list goes on (and on)!  I picked up a sandwich tin and some baking beads for a vegan bakewell tart that I’m planning to make this week.

As I was handing over my pennies, I asked the gentleman behind the till if there had ever been an accident resulting in a stack of plates toppling over.  He informed me that in 30 years, there had never been a single breakage!  He also suggested that this is an example of a general life lesson: the more careful we are to protect something, the more likely it is that it will be damaged.  How true!  When he mentioned to me that a man had been in the shop earlier that day for the first time, despite working up the road in Marine Ices (a yummy Italian restaurant with a flavoursome ice-cream bar) for 28 years, I suggested a life lesson of my own: sometimes we fail to notice the fabulous things on our own doorstep.  We nodded at each other, smug at our own observations!  I’ll remember them every time I use the plates.

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