Lifestyle Bazaar: Homeware with Humour in Shoreditch

I almost titled this post, “Lifestyle Bazaar: Quirky Homeware in Shoreditch” but realised that was a little reminiscent of my post about Pedlars!  It’s not just my lack of originality that is to blame – both Lifestyle Bazaar and Pedlars really do stock quirky homeware.  There is some obvious stock overlap between the two shops; for example, they both sell Joseph Joseph cookware (who doesn’t, and who wouldn’t?!), Reiko Kaneko’s soldier egg cup, Royal VKB’s Herb Garden and Thelermont Hupton’s saucepan hooks.  But I think that some of their best sellers help to distinguish them.

Pedlars specialises in grown-up, witty and functional items with a vintage/up-cycled vibe that would look at home in a Victorian townhouse.  Go here for original London artwork, the famous routemaster signs and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ tea towels.  Lifestyle Bazaar would probably be better to kit out a high-gloss penthouse; it sells modern, playfully innovative and design-led home accessories.   Look out for Undergrowth Design’s Blaue Blume tea sets (a personal favourite of mine – I want the cakestand to display my pretty costume jewellery), iBride’s cardboard animal furniture and the controversial Jesus coat hanger by Pulpo. 

Lifestyle Bazaar has two shops in London (one off Carnaby Street and one in Shoreditch) and an online store for those that aren’t near the capital.  I visited the Shoreditch store for the first time at the weekend before coffee at The Bridge.  It’s not quite as good-looking as the West End version but perhaps it has been styled ugly on purpose to appeal to the grittier East End trade.  To be perfectly honest, I would say that although the stock is utterly lust-worthy, the shop is a little uninspiring.  My advice is to definitely visit once to get a feel for the designers and to chat to the staff (the charming fellow that I spoke to was friendly and helpful) but then stick to the online store for updates.  Unless, of course, you’re one of the lucky ones who lives in Shoreditch and then I advise that you pop in whenever you’re passing and report back to us with news of new cool!

Lifestyle Bazaar
11a Kingsland Road, E2 8AA

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