Jackie’s – A Flea Market Stall in Hampstead

Those of you following me on Twitter (@SkinnyLatteLDN) may have noticed my over-excited tweets last weekend after I found a 45 piece tea set that I bought for just £15 at Jackie’s flea market style stall in Hampstead!  Down Flask Walk and outside the second hand bookshop, Keith Fawkes, I found piles of china, art, vinyl, mirrors, jigsaw puzzles, glass wear and the odd piece of furniture.  I wanted to take a photo for a post but my arms were laden with heavy china and I was too terrified of sudden movements to put it down and fish out my camera.  The stall seems to be a Hampstead institution; as I walked up Rosslyn Hill people asked me, “Ooh – been to Jackie’s have you?”  

I went again this weekend, this time with my arms free to take photos and gesticulate wildly in excitement at the bargains.  I honestly only intended to take photos and window shop but I ended up buying an interesting oriental print of two roosters in a golden bamboo frame (£4) and a set of 6 placemats with pictures of old London (£3).  Yes – an odd combo, I admit!  Jackie is as wildly eccentric as us Brits get: a hoot of a glamour puss with red lipstick and an Eliza Doolittle cockney accent.  She prices things on the fly according to the apparent affluence of the person who enquires (that might be my cynic imagination) so, if you plan to visit, you should dress down and try to catch her in a generous mood.

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  1. Jen says:

    I love the pictures on your blog!!!

    I noticed a watercolor painting in the first picture. It reminds me of some of the paintings my husband bought decades ago from a local artist named Jago Stone when he was stationed at upper Heyford.

    The Walks are beautiful. How I would love to wander around. I’m glad you found some wonderful little treasures.


    • Victoria says:

      Hi Jen – good to hear from you again :) I had never been one to take photos before starting this blog but now I carry a camera everywhere – it has encouraged me to see beauty in ordinary things. I’d love to see some photos of Utah if you have any to share?

    • Steve J says:

      Hi Jen,

      Would you happen to have one of Jago’s pieces entitled “Sleep Tight Tonight, Heyford’s On Alert?
      I too was stationed there. In the 80′s and was hoping to find another copy of this old print.

    • v tames says:

      hi jen would love to no more about the jago watercolurs you may have as i own the first oil paintings he painted in the 70s

    • billie says:

      Hope I’m not too late to find out what paintings you have of Jago Stone.
      He use to have exhibitions in Oxfordshire, Banbury, I think. I wonder what happened to the reviews of those. There must be some press cuttings somewhere. He died in 1988. As far as I understand, his ‘criminal life was an unfortunate stage, but its punishment seemed outlive his mindset. He did develop his painting while serving his time, though.
      As far as Jackies, or any rag/flea market shop, you could become seriously addicted. They just don’t make em like that anymore.

      • v tames says:

        i have 3 all oil and the main one was on tele when he was in prison i think just trying to find out what they are worth for insurance as no auction house seems to know billie did you know him as i did as a kid and he was my dads best friend would not have found anything out with out jackies shop coment on the picture

        • chris stone says:

          So nice to see that my my dads pictures are still wanted .
          i have many including the poster for the airbase.

          • loz says:

            my mother was friends with your dad when we lived in chipping warden. We came to australia and so couldnt bring very much. I donated a painting of banbury cross to southport comprehensive in daventry. I wonder if it is still there.

          • Belinda Wood says:

            Hi Chris

            I have an oil on hardboard by your dad dated 68,

            It is like a street meeting under some arches.

            Can you tell me anything about it at all.

            Thanks Belinda

          • chris stone says:

            Hi Belinda.
            I’m afraid my dad did so many paintings that I am only just getting to see some of the older stuff.I was born in 68 so it may be from when he met my mother in Northamptonshire. All the best.Chris.

    • Andy says:

      i bought a Jago Stone watercolor here in washington state USA
      “Oxfordshire Cotswolds cottages & stocks 1980″
      I had no idea what i was buying… never know where a deal will find you!

  2. Anna says:

    I know that place!! It’s a must-go every time I’m in London. Last time I got an amazing grandfather-clock for three pounds. I must have been SO dressed down ;-) I also love the secondhand-bookshop next to it.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    My fiancee and I are going to London on vacation, March 14-20. We are staying in Swiss Cottage and will spend time in Hampstead, Camden Town, Highgate etc since I love that area – I lived and worked in Hampstead ages ago (au pair). I wonder if you could tell me other interesting flea markets in the neighbourhood? I prefer small places like Jackie´s to bigger markets.
    Elizabeth from Sweden

    • Victoria says:

      Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your question :) Here are my suggestions:
      Definitely visit Jackie’s – your best chance to catch her is Saturday 19th March (she claims to set up on Wednesdays and Sundays but I’ve not always found her then)
      Also on Saturday is Kilburn Carboot Sale. You can take the number 31 bus from Swiss Cottage.
      Camden Passage is worth a wonder for antique nick nacks – turn right out of Angel tube station on a Wednesday or Saturday.
      If you can head further into town then you should go to Columbia Road Market – it’s only held on Sunday so you’ll have to fit it in before you leave. Although the market is famous for flowers, the surrounding shops have great, unique homeware (Rob Ryan is my favourite).
      There are a couple of good Farmer’s food markets in Hampstead: one in the Community Market and one at Parliament Hill.
      I hope you have a really great time. If you have any questions while you’re in London then tweet me! @SkinnyLatteLDN xx

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for your help! I went to Columbia Rd last time I was in London and just loved the atmosphere and the shops there. I will check out Jackie´s and Kilburn this time. Thanks again!

  5. Linda says:

    I have a watercolor by Jago Stone of Holy Trinity Church, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire and dated and signed 1976. How can I find out more about this artist and what do they sell for?

  6. v tames says:

    does anyone know what jagos pictures are worth.and if so please email me thankyou

  7. Mike M. says:

    While stationed at RAF Upper Heyford, 1975-1978, I commissioned Jago Stone to paint my cottage home and village church in Swalcliffe. I took photos of him painting them. I loved the paintings then, and still do today. It was a fun day with Jago!

  8. Mike M. says:

    One more thing…I would make a point to shop at the Flea Market Stalls in Hampstead. I always found something to buy.

  9. Hi all..

    Especially Chris..I am Jagos youngest son born in 81 and not really knowing Jago but very much taking advantage and comfort in the inherited art skills..Indeed I am tempted to do my own version of the Heyfords on alert piece. If any of you want to see my work its at merlinarts.blogspot.com….please get in touch if you have info about Jago as nice to know a bit more about my elusive father…So chris check out my blog and give me an email… Cheers folks is fun to read this post as have been discovering a lot more of my Dads side this year.

    • Joann says:

      Would you happen to have any fimaly photo’s that were taken in Sterling that you would be willing to share? I live in Sterling and am interested in the history. Any photo’s that also include buildings are of interest.I remember your Aunt Francis and Uncle Dugan and Butch, they lived down the road from me when I was growing up.

  10. julian says:


    My mother lived with Jago Stone in the seventies and we toured Dartmoor (Princetown) where he had been in prision for Burglery. He did also express and interest in Sherlock Holmes and looked the part to much of which transpired in Princetown.I think he got more that he deserved for the crime anyways..
    My mother drew Banbury cross as Jago was not good at abstract objects, also I had a poster of Heyfords on alert with Jago Stone in fighter pilot attire. I remember he was launching the book the Burglers Bedside Companion while hwe was living with us and appeared on tv.
    We had many interesting times not sure what happened to him my mother and him broke up.


  11. Graham Butcher says:

    Hi — I have discovered two water colours done by Jago in 1968 of our Cafe and one done especially for my mother . He struck up a friendship with my Dad at the Cafe. He was staying with a friend of his Roy at Washford when we met him for that summer season. Wanted to find out a little more about him,.

  12. Hello all…Especially Chris. Feels a bit strange having a digital bombshell family meeting..Jago was my father too. Would be great if you can contact me via my FB page at Merlin porter arts..I know two other siblings and knew there was potentially two more..
    I have only one picture by Jago but have seen quite a few of his and have some great stories to tell…Maybe I should get a little blog going about this!

  13. Victoria says:

    You will have noticed that I have completely dropped off the blogosphere! Work got busy. But I’m so inspired to start writing and sharing again because of the comments on this post. It feels good to share ideas and be part of a group created out of a common interest. So what if that interest is not Jackie’s Flea Market but The Life and Times of Jago Stone!

    Wishing you all well :)

    • billie says:

      Jago Stone: his work wasn’t great, he would admit that; he was prolific not precise, and didn’t develop other than to’ knock out’ paintings, mostly of people’s homes. The cache is in his lifestyle, surely, not his talent. And we shouldn’t be sentimental about that. He suffered, or enjoyed a sort of hyper mania, and would produce untold quantities of work in his manic phases. It’s a shame he didn’t pursue the art rather than the lifestyle. If the seed of talent is inherited, perhaps his children can do better.

  14. Trevor ki g says:

    Hi all, I have for sale a Jago Stone painting Ebay item number 161084591685 (if interested talk to me I try to be fair) text is best 07462 214740 ………… there is also another seller with one item number 140593694579. Regards Trevor

  15. Marian McCaffrey says:

    Hi. My partner Andy knew Jago Stone very well back in the day and helped him with his pictures of people’s homes. Andy went on to be quite successful himself for a few years painting watercolours of homes, signing his RAS. We have several oil canvases and watercolours of Jago’s. Andy always wondered what happened to him.

  16. Jeremy Worth says:

    I remember Jago very well, he turned up at my Dad’s house in Black Bourton one day saying that he loved the look of it and would like to paint it, “I am not selling anything” he insisted. As I remember he called himself J Hagbourg-Stone? Any ideas?

    He did quite a nice ink and wash of the house and I think he got quite fond of my step mother, my Dad was not impressed and did some digging and finding out that was an an ex- con sealed his fate. He was not welcome in the house after that (although in fact he did come back for a cup of tea later and was made reasonably welcome) I dont think my Dad felt threatened by him and they had a bit of wordplay.
    He was certainly inclined to be a bit manic and hyper active, we went out for drink one evening and got very pissed I seem to remember, he was exhilarating company, I was about 18 at time.

    Of course they DID buy the painting and almost certainly she still has it. Odd to realise that he died at 60, which is my age now.

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