The Perfect Bathroom Cabinet at Furniture 05

Last November I refitted my bathroom.  I found a stunning apple stone sink at a bargain price of £40 at the Ideal Home Exhibition and then spent months searching for the perfect cabinet to plumb it in to.  One dreary day I was on my way to Waitrose on Finchley Road when I passed Furniture 05.  The shop looked entirely unremarkable from the outside and I almost didn’t venture in but I was driven by my desperation for the bathroom cabinet, and thank goodness!  I was (and still am) besotted with Eastern-inspired furniture (think dark woods, sturdy design and intricate details) and it seems that this is Furniture 05’s forte.  I picked up this little beauty for less than £150!

Now it’s my mum’s turn to do the searching!  Having just moved in to a new build, she has a blank canvas to personalise.  I took her along to Furniture 05 to look for a tall, slim bookcase which she could use in her en suite to store rolled-up towels and baskets full of beauty paraphernalia.  It was our lucky day: the shop is having a super sale!  We found the perfect Oak bookcase with rounded edges – a snip at £305 (down from £610).  While mum persuaded the shop assistant to hold it until we had some muscle to help us load it into the car, I took some sneaky photos for your enjoyment!

Furniture 05
187 Finchley Road, NW3 6LB
0207 624 8817
Nearest tube: Finchley Road

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