Imli: Indian Tapas in Soho

A few weekends ago, I found myself hungry in Soho.  There are probably more restaurants along Soho streets than anywhere else in London but I was in one of those moods where my stomach was growling but I had no appetite.  After pacing up and down the same streets for the third time (I think it was Albert Einstein that defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results) I noticed Imli.  The colourful and modern restaurant serves Indian Tapas and luxury cocktails (Passion Fruit Bellini anyone?)  It’s an innovative menu so it was difficult to know what to expect; I trusted the Chef’s recommendation and ordered the Vegetarian Taster Menu (they also do a couple of non veg tasters to keep the likes of Kate happy!)  I love tapas because each plate brings a new “yum” and it’s almost impossible to get bored of a meal before the end.  Indian cuisine suits this way of eating well; the small portion sizes are all that are needed to showcase the rich flavours.  Out came a parade of perfectly presented dishes: lentil dumplings, crispy potato cakes with yellow beans, coriander and ginger wedges (my favourite) and matar paneer.   It would have been a farce to not photograph them!

167-169 Wardour Street, W1F 8WR.

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2 Responses to Imli: Indian Tapas in Soho

  1. How funny – you’ve completely encapsulated what hunger can sometimes be about – that your tum was growling but you had no appetite. Never quite put my finger on what ‘dinner indecisiveness’ can sometimes be about! I am guessing from a(n admittedly) brief peruse (mid-afternoon ‘work’) of your lovely musings that you might be vegetarian (yes no?). Not that I am – my site is woefully meat-laden at the minute which I must adjust for some veggie friends! – but have you headed to Beatroot (Berwick Street, Soho) and I’m hoping you’ve had a jaunt to The Rootmaster off Brick Lane. Aforementioned Veggie friend has also promised to take me to Mildred’s which – quite aside from the fact that I already love the name reminiscent of my favourite childhood story The Worst Witch – I hear corking reviews of.

    And if you aren’t veggie, I speak as a carnivore saying good things!

    Imli sounds, and looks, yumly though – thanks for the inspiration, and keep up the London exploration :)

    • Victoria says:

      Hi nibblescribbler – great name! :) I am indeed a vegetarian (I always feel the need to accompany that confession with an apology but I’ll resist this time!) I’ve not been to Beatroot or Rootmaster (both are on my list) but have been to Mildred’s twice. The second time I scoffed a glorious mushroom pie which was actually vegan so I’ll recommend the restaurant until the cows come home! I wonder if there’s a veggie-friendly alternative to that saying?
      You win the award for the longest comment on my blog so far – thank you for taking the time to write it :)

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