Wildlife Photographer of the Year at The Natural History Museum

Last night, Charlotte and I attended a private viewing of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at The Natural History Museum.  Sipping wine, gossiping about colleagues and perusing stunning photos is a perfect way to spend an evening.  I’m no photography connoisseur and know nothing about exposure times or lens lengths so I admire photos based on composition, colour and “capturing the moment”.  Luckily for me, Charlotte is much more au fait with the technical details so was able to point out when a photo was technically impressive.  Sometimes knowing these things made me like the photo more but mostly I stuck to judging the prettiness.

Here are my favourite five photos of the exhibition:

Sweet Intimacy by Christian Zieglar
The jewel tones captured in this photo could inspire 100 fashion seasons.  The glimpse of this beautiful bird’s life in the cloud forests of Panama makes me feel like I’m in on a secret.

Flowers of the Volcano by Francisco Mingorance
It was the colour of the sky that drew me to this one.  When Charlotte pointed out that the long exposure of the shot coupled with the rotation of the Earth had caused the stars to streak through the Tenerife sky, I was in love.  The flowers are captured so crisply – there must have been no breeze at all.

Southern Swell by Kah Kit Yoong
Another beauty created by a long exposure.  This time the currents in the swell of the Ocean have blurred to look like an ethereal cloak of chiffon. 

Giant Beachcomber by Thomas P Peschak
Doesn’t this fellow look jolly?


Sunset Moment by Olivier Puccia
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this photograph.  Olivier Puccia had managed to capture a mother and baby Hanuman langur enjoying the Indian sunset together.  What a lucky man!

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