Kilburn Car Boot Sale: A Collection of Tatty Surprises

I’ve found a new way to peacefully while away a Saturday morning.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve ambled up to Hampstead to rummage around in Jackie’s wares.  This week, keen to expand my flea market repertoire, I headed over to St Augustine’s School yard to explore Kilburn Car Boot Sale.  Soya latte in hand, I rounded the corner to the school to find a queue of more than 50 bargain hunters waiting for 11am when the admission price drops from £3 to 50p.  I joined them and stretched onto my tip-toes to have a gander over the wall at the stalls and plan my attack!

Probably around a quarter of the stalls sell second hand clothes and shoes.  According to Henry Holland, Agyness Deyn used to stock up her wardrobe here so there must be some gems to be found.  I watched a relentless haggle for a linen Sportmax jacket; the seller wouldn’t let it go for less than £5! 

Another quarter of the stalls sell children’s clothes and toys.  A little boy zoomed past me with an armful of toy cars.  “No more cars!”  His mum raced after him.

The third quarter was right up my street, selling pre-loved homeware.  I parted with £2 for a Cath Kidston mug and another £2 for a floral, ceramic bowl (no planned use as of yet).  I bought a print of an Edward Blake Leighton painting for a fiver and a flicker album filled with old postcards for £3 from an elderly lady drinking tea from a flask.  The best thing about flea markets and car boot sales is that they’re full of things that you never knew you wanted. 

The rest of the stalls sold electronics: old DVDs and games, remote controls, microwaves, whisks and numerous cables.  I saw someone buying the charger for an electric toothbrush for 20p!  I suppose there’s a potential buyer for every item!

Kilburn Car Boot runs every Saturday from 8am until 2pm
Nearest tube: Kilburn Park (Bakerloo line)

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2 Responses to Kilburn Car Boot Sale: A Collection of Tatty Surprises

  1. shahnawaz says:

    where is now on sat you are not st augestine school,thanks if you tell me

    • Victoria says:

      Hello Shahnawaz,
      I didn’t realise that the carboot sale had moved. I’ve had a quick look online and can’t find any information about it. You could try giving the school a call and see if they know if it has moved. If I find anything then I’ll send you an email to let you know.
      Thanks for reading my blog :)

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