Caroline Carrier: Vintage China at Camden Passage

I had intended to enjoy a very virtuous Saturday morning in Angel with a 10am Powerplate workout followed by an 11am Pilates class.  Unfortunately, my subconscious sabotaged my efforts; I accidentally booked both classes for 10am.  This turned out to be a good thing for two reasons: 1) the Powerplate class was fierce enough without the Pilates chaser!  2) I had time for a leisurely rummage around the antique stall and shops in and around Camden Passage.

Camden Passage is a string of cobbled alleys tying antique stalls to homeware and craft shops to homely cafes.  One day, when I have more than an hour to spare, I’ll really investigate the area and write a proper guide.  For now, I just wanted to write about the highlight of my Saturday.  Caroline Carrier sells vintage china at Number One in Pierrepont Arcade.  The tiny shop is home to stacks of precious tea cups, saucers, cake stands and tea pots. Despite recently buying an entire tea set including 10 tea cups (I doubt that I could fit 10 people into my little flat), I still felt compelled to sift through the piles looking for hand  painted floral motifs and near matching sets.  China feels like such a treasure to me but there’s only so much that I can pack away in my kitchen cupboards; I had to walk away from Number One empty handed.

But, I’ve since hatched a plan that gives me a reason to go back! My friends and family can look forward to Christmas presents made from upcycled teacups.  I plan on filling a couple with chai spiced soy wax, planting some with fragrant herbs and filling others with sweet Chocolate treats.  Judging by the hits Google returned for “teacup craft”, I’m not the first person to have this idea but I’m sure I’ll find a way of putting my own personality into the presents.

Caroline Carrier
1 Pierrepont Arcade, N1 8EG
Nearest tube: Angel

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7 Responses to Caroline Carrier: Vintage China at Camden Passage

  1. Love the idea of creating candles in vintage teacups – I recently saw this article on Design Sponge where vintage tins are used to make candles and thought you might like it!

    I need to brave my fear of covering my kitchen in wax and give it a go.

    NHG x

    • Victoria says:

      Uh oh! You sent me a Design Sponge link whilst I’m at work. I don’t think I’m going to have a productive morning!

      This project looks perfect – and I’m pleased to see that I’m not the only one who buys more “pretty things” than they know what to do with! Have a great day x

  2. PinkBow says:

    I can never buy enough china… And yet I am majorly running out of cupboard space!

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  4. Span says:

    She is a complete rip off merchant. I advise all potential customers not to touch her with a barge pole. She flogs worthless reproduction junk as authentic Victorian porcelain. I am still astonished that she could look me in the eye and lie so baldly. Exaggeration is one thing – outright lies is another. Avoid at all costs.

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