Rootmaster Bustaurant

I have had the vegan restaurant Rootmaster on my ‘To Do’ list since the summer when I decided to try to cut back on eggs and dairy.  And then Nibble Scribbler recommended it to me so I made reservations straight away.  Last Friday I had a day long conference where vegan fare was off the menu so by 6pm I was famished.  Couple that with the 20 minute dash from the city to Brick Lane through the cold and rain and to say I was looking forward to some good, honest comfort food would be an understatement!  I darted between dry spots across Ely’s Yard towards the red double-decker that has run aground behind the Old Truman Brewery.   

I knew that the restaurant was housed in a bus but I was still surprised to see it!  The waiter greeted us from the lower deck kitchen and took us up the steep stairs to the top deck.  The restaurant was lit entirely by candlelight, perhaps because it’s not fitted with electricity.  The orange flames were reflected by the condensation on the windows reminding me of how lucky I was to be inside!  I ordered a large glass of organic red wine (it was a Friday night!) and settled in to read the menu.  When I’m dining in an omnivorous restaurant, I’m often grateful that I can discount the majority of meals; I can target the meals marked with ‘V’ and decide what I want to eat quickly.  Since I’ve been seeking out vegetarian restaurants, I’ve been overwhelmed with the choice!  I had to ask our lovely waitress to give me “a few more minutes” twice before I was ready to order.  I settled on the mezze platter to start (without falafel, unfortunately), a stuffed cabbage for my main (owing entirely to the side portion of roast potatoes) and blackberry tofu cheesecake for dessert (I struggled to chose between the cheesecake and the chocolate and orange fondant).  The food was nothing too fancy but its simplicity left me feeling well fed and warm. 

I was sad when it was time to go so there’s no doubt that I’ll be back soon to while away an evening and chatter over wine and grub.

Elys Yard, The Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, E1 6QL
07912 389314

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