Winter Wonderland: Festive Cheer at Hyde Park

I arrived at the Winter Wonderland expecting a modest Christmas market similar to the one at South Bank (which I’ll post about soon).  What I found was a vast playground of all types of entertaining diversion!  Mum and I were overwhelmed from the threshold where we were greeted by a singing reindeer!  To get into the spirit we ordered a large glug of mulled wine and some roast chestnuts and then sauntered around the attractions at a leisurely pace. 

My Favourites

  • Jamie Oliver’s Feast with roast dinners and mice pies to eat and naked gingerbread men to decorate (a little pricey, I heard a girl tell her friend, “this better be the best mince pie I’ve ever had!”)
  • The Bavarian Village decked out surprisingly realistically and selling yummy Hungarian stew in hollowed out crunchy bread rolls
  • Listening to people scream all the way down the Power Tower – you couldn’t pay me enough to get me on that
  • The Haunted House for a cheesy festive scare!  Much more my style (yes, I know it’s for little ‘uns)
  • The old fashioned sweetie stalls (I doubt very many are vegan but they’re pretty to look at!)

And now I’m in the festive mood – I’ve been daydreaming about colour schemes for my Christmas decorations all morning!

Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park
Until 4th January 2011

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3 Responses to Winter Wonderland: Festive Cheer at Hyde Park

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  2. Jen says:

    That looks like so much fun! I wish I could take my daughter.

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