Cologne Christmas Market: Gift Shopping at Night

I realise that I’ve gone a little Christmas Cuckoo this week but I’m really in the festive mood!  Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland opened on the same night as South Bank’s Cologne Christmas Market so I went to both!  I alighted at Waterloo, spent an hour of so at South Bank (which looks breath-taking on a winters night) and then walked across Westminster Bridge, past Buckingham Palace and across to Hyde Park Corner – a great way to spend an evening. 

While the focus of Winter Wonderland is festive fun, Cologne Christmas market very much targets shoppers.  Although probably 90% of the stalls that you’ll find at South Bank are also featured somewhere in Hyde Park, I did find three special vendors:

  1. Tom Kosmala – The most beautiful chalet in the market filled with richly scented natural candles, bath melts and soaps all topped with dried flowers, fruits and herbs.  Mum and I cooed over the tea cup candles.
  2. Kraft Werks – Two cheery fellows selling homemade, wooden toys including mind-blowing 3-dimensional puzzles.
  3. St Elisabeth Convent– Nuns all the way from Minsk, Russia selling homemade, ceramic Christmas decorations and a selection of religious icons.  The nuns are donating all profits made to help people with drug addictions.

Before setting off across the bridge, we picked up some freshly baked pizzas.  As they make them while you wait, I asked for mine without cheese or pesto – a yummy vegan snack to fuel the stroll.

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  1. yu says:

    Minsk is in Belarus, not Russia

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