Indali: Healthy Indian Food on Baker Street

I could eat a curry 6 days of the week (leaving Sunday free for a nut roast, naturally).  I’m especially fond of a veggie Thai green with coconut rice and an Indian Biryani.  For the former, I frequent Muang Thai in Chalk Farm which is beautiful and authentic.  Until recently, I didn’t have a favourite Indian restaurant but a couple of weeks ago I may have found one.  Indali Lounge has been all over the press which has lauded the restaurant’s healthy and natural approach to cooking Indian food; all dishes are cooked with olive oil instead of ghee and cream. 

I found the restaurant at 7pm midweek and it was very quiet.  For the first hour, we were on our own; the solitude enhanced the relaxed atmosphere donated by the dark wood lattices, embossed metal and violet lighting.  Poppadums and chutneys were a tasty prelude to an amuse-bouche of spicy masala mushrooms.  No doubt the management appreciate that something is required to take the edge of an appetite whilst diners make their decisions!  I took ages to pick my main; the menu for veg mains rivals the non-veg menu and includes delicious-sounding slow roasted smoked aubergine, a fricasee of okra and paneer dumplings simmered in aromatic almond sauce.  After immense deliberation, I characteristically opted for the Biryani, frustrating my fellow diners who thought I might celebrate the variety with something new. 

The meal was satisfying to say the least!  If it is possible to detect the lack of ghee then my palate is not discernable enough!

Indali Lounge
50 Baker Street, W1U 7BT

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2 Responses to Indali: Healthy Indian Food on Baker Street

  1. Jen says:

    yum, I love curry! What exactly is a nut roast?

    • Victoria says:

      A nut roast is a meat-free, nut-based loaf. They’re usually the vegetarian option in a roast dinner which us Brits like to eat on a Sunday (with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, green veg and gravy – yum!)

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