On Sunday my friend, Samantha, and I trekked out to Bethnal Green for Bust magazine’s Craftacular.  We had read on their promotional material that the first 100 people would receive a goodie bag of homemade treats so we arrived 15 minutes before the start… to find a queue of well over 250 people!  Humph!  So we didn’t get a goodie bag but we did have an awesome 4 hours parading around York Hall looking at all the pretty things and talking to the crafts people.  There was a real buzz in the chatter the kind of which I guess you’ll only experience when you get hundreds of people with similar interests in one place and add cupcakes and good music.  It was fab!  Most of the stall holders also sell on Etsy or their own online stores so you don’t need to go back in time to the East End to pick yourself up a treat.  Here are my favourites:

Vic Lee – Astonishingly detailed screen prints of East End street facades.  Each print is limited edition, numbered and signed and a bargain at just £35! I cooed over the details in Columbia Road for ages.  The work has inspired Sam to draw Highgate highstreet onto a row of tiles in her craft room (yes – she has a craft room – lucky madam).

Glazed and Confused – There was a lot of pigeon paraphernalia at Craftacular which I was very happy about – I think the creatures get a bad rap! The best advocate of pigeons was Tana West from Glazed and Confused who had a beautifully made and nicely sized mug printed with a pigeon appreciation society pamphlet!  I loved it but, never buying anything on the first lap, lost it to someone more impulsive.  I’ll dream about that mug for weeks!

Bobbin & Bow – I did manage to find enough spontaneity to buy a ladylike lace necklace from Bobbin & Bow.  I wore it to work today with a plain charcoal tee as a twist on the trendy Peter Pan Collar.  Bobbin & Bow also win my award for cutest business cards; they have little black and white photographs of the owner’s grandparents on the back.

House of Ismay – Sam bought her beloved some cufflinks made from reclaimed envelopes with old, green French stamps to go with his favourite jumper.  House of Ismay also sold lots of little notebooks which would be perfect for scribbling the starts of blog posts.

Niko B Organic Chocolates – I was jealous of all the non-vegan cupcake nibbling going on until I found Niko B where dark chocolate with nuts and black pepper were clearly marked as vegan.  The pepper was a joyful surprise once the sweetness subsided.  I didn’t buy any because I knew I would eat it all in one sitting but I’ve since found out that they’ll be popping along to The Chocolate Festival at Southbank in a couple of weeks and I’m planning a visit!

The Make Lounge – I spent a relaxing half hour decorating a glass bauble with glass pens and chatting to fellow crafters.  This one is going to take pride of place on my tree next weekend!

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