The Gherkin at Night

It’s clear that some things on my list are going to be easier/more enjoyable to tick off than others!  A week after photographing St Paul’s and I’m back in the city to try my luck at The Gherkin.  I found that The Gherkin is much more difficult to photograph than St Paul’s, mainly because it’s so tall and there’s no vantage point where you can see the entire building and still capture the famed shape.  I spent at least an hour wondering around, ducking out of the way of other frustrated photographers and trying to find “the spot” before the sun set.  I found three interesting compositions:

  1. From the entrance to St Helen’s Place
  2. From the front courtyard of St Helen’s Church
  3. From the corner of Lime Street and Leadenhall, at the steps of the Lloyds Building

I’ve included the fruits of my labour for your enjoyment, my favourite photo from each of the three locations.

At work today I took recommendations on the next subject of this little project.  The rest of my team appear to be fans of modern architecture (I helpfully decided that any building which is newer than me should be considered “modern”).  Their suggestions included the Millennium Dome and City Hall (both also designed by Norman Foster, the architect behind The Gherkin) and King’s Cross St Pancras.  While I do appreciate the industrial purity and innovative use of material in those structures, they don’t speak to me like old London: The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge.  I love to imagine all the scenes that have played out around and inside them.  Plus, I think I should start with the obvious, quintessentially London landmarks before I branch out into the unexpected.  If I thought that I had yet gathered any kind of readership then I would plea for suggestions!

In an email entitled, “Something to aspire to…”, a co-worker sent me the link to Jason Hawkes’ website along with a tip from the photographer:

“All my work is done from a twin engine helicopter flying between 800 to 1500 feet above the ground… You have to use specially adapted gyro stabilising mounts to take away the vibration caused by the helicopter”

I’m not sure that my new hobby is worth the investment at this stage but I’ll keep it in mind!

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3 Responses to The Gherkin at Night

  1. Anna says:

    Love the last photo! May I ask which camera/settings you use for your dawn/nighttime pictures?

    • Victoria says:

      Back in the days of the Gherkin I was just using my camera’s auto setting (cheat!) Now I tend to put it on manual and turn the flash off but use a quick exposure (I don’t have a tripod or a steady hand). I’ve been thinking about doing a quick course in digital photography – I find it really soothing.

    • Fouda says:

      I would love to live somewhere like London, at least for a while. I have vstiied twice, but I only felt like I was able to see the touristy things and I would have loved to really explore more.

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