Fitbox Bootcamp: Day One

My alarm sounded at 5:45 this morning to remind me that I had voluntarily booked a place on a 7am Fitbox Bootcamp.  Early-morning workouts have never been my thing and, actually, workouts in general have not been my thing for at least a year.  I used to be a complete gym bunny; it was easy to find the time at university to nip in for a class or a run between lectures.  Unfortunately, since I’ve become a grown-up and started working 50+ hour weeks, keeping fit has taken a back seat. 

I thought that if I booked into an early-morning class then I would be able to squeeze in a workout without sacrificing work.  And I was right!  I managed to get ready and leave the flat in just half an hour compared to my usual 1 and a half hours. The trick there was to organise the night before by laying out my clothes and bag in something resembling a production line.  I’ll aim to keep that up, even if the working out flails – at least then I’ll get an extra hour in bed!

I took the bus to the meeting point (Paddington Recreation Ground in Maida Vale) and found the rest of the zombies: about 30 young women and a single man (poor thing, or lucky thing, depending on how you look at it).  The class reminded me of old P.E. lessons spent doing shuttle runs between beanbags and jumping jacks, complete with the exhausted, “oh my God” exclamations!  Although this wasn’t exactly a new or exciting approach to fitness, I did spend the entire 45 minutes out-of-breath which is aim of the game.  The novelty of the fresh air and the group demand for bootcamp lattes will definitely motivate me out of bed on Thursday!

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