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Vegan Suet-Free Mincemeat

My recent weekend was wonderful and full of Christmas.  I finally made the teacup candles for my friends’ Christmas presents, I baked a gingerbread nativity scene (I was going to stop at gingerbread men but was inspired by the variety … Continue reading

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Vegan Christmas Cake

And here’s the Christmas hat-trick!  I promise that I won’t mention the C-word again until December!  But, I really wanted to post this now in case anybody is looking for a good vegan Christmas cake recipe.  You’ll need to bake … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie: Welcome Autumn!

Until today, I had never eaten a pumpkin pie, never mind baked one.  Any kind of pie is a big baking commitment with the multitude of steps and pumpkin pie is probably more complicated than most.  Saying that, there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Green Tea Cupcakes – The best cake in the world, probably!

Is it immodest of me to say that, given that I baked them?  I’m giving the credit to the recipe, courtesy of the famous Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  The cakes were made with Teapigs matcha green tea powder … Continue reading

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Recent Eats: Vegan Grub

I’ve been trying to cook meals from scratch recently and use fresh, natural ingredients.  This plight has been helped enormously by my discovery of Whole Foods, a grocer which specialises in organic food (no doubt the rest of you have … Continue reading

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